Division Policy Development

Division-level policies follow the steps listed below.

1.) Top administrator's office

Policies will be reviewed and drafted, as needed, through the office of the highest-ranking administrator for the division in question (college, department, office, etc.). This need may originate from an annual review, an external audit, a request, or another communication.

2.) Public Comment

When a draft is approved, it should be shared with the community it will govern (college, department, office, etc.) for public comment. This can be announced through a group email, mentioned at a  meeting, and/or posted in a community area. Comments can be received through any communication channel most helpful for the division (open forum, email, website, etc.).

3.) Adoption

If approved by the top administrator, the proposed policy will be adopted and published.

4.) Publicity

The published version will be updated in the appropriate files, updated on the