Campus Policy Development

Campus-wide policy development follows the steps listed below.

1. Chancellor’s Office

Campus policies will be reviewed and drafted, as needed, by the Chancellor’s Office. This need may originate from an annual review, an external audit, a request emailed to, or another communication to the Chancellor’s Office.

2. Policy Committee

Members of the Policy Committee will be provided a draft of revised and/or new policies. Electronic communication is acceptable; however, any member of the committee can call for an in-person meeting, provided the meeting occurs within 10 business days of the draft being provided. Members of the Committee will have five business days to object to the draft or call for an in-person meeting. If no members of the Committee object or call for a meeting, and at least one member approves, the draft will be considered approved for public comment. If there are objections, or a meeting is called, at least eight members of the committee must approve.

The Committee will consist of people in the following positions, but each of them may appoint a delegate to serve in their stead for any and all drafts:

  • Student Council President Vice Provost and Dean, CASE
  • Council of Graduate Students President Vice Provost and Dean, CEC
  • Department Chairs Council Dean of Students
  • Staff Council Director of Athletics
  • Faculty Senate Representative IT
  • Chancellor's Leadership Group Physical Facilities

3. Public Comment

When a draft is approved for public comment, it will be posted online in a standardized format for 10 business days at[?]. Anonymous comments will be reviewed and addressed at the sole discretion of the Chancellor’s Office. Signed comments will receive a personal response during review by the Chancellor’s Office. An email will be sent through eConnection when drafts are posted.

4. Adoption

If approved by the Chancellor, the proposed policy will be adopted and published.

5.) Publicity

The published version will be updated in the appropriate files, updated on the website, and an announcement will be sent to for